Be Poetic

She had discovered a good city and a good place to stay.
Waking up in the morning filled with confidence.
Filled with fresh water and clear skies.
She says the sun will come, it will bring heat and daisies, it will warm our broken hearts.
The golden sun has climbed her golden stairs, it had discovered a good city.
Salt in the air, sand in my hair, tied together with the classic smell of purity.
The day had darkened down with the ocean rim and called it a day.
We could still play outdoors everyday even until the day has dimmed.
The purple sunset slipped from Macau.
And bay and sky were sudden stars in California paradise.


Be Annoying

... & spam everyone about my shop opening! jk. But I finally got my test prints back and I am officially ready to open my Etsy shop. Once it's AMAZING, I am planning on opening an online shop aside from Etsy. How very excited.

Be Ambitious

I haven't had time to catch a breath
Until now
At age 26, I'm still figuring out what I want
Do I want to be an engineer and change path in my career?
Do I want to discover the world?
Do I want to continue this path of a broke and no man land?

Be Who You Always Wanted to Be

I haven't felt this motivated in so long until today. I was so excited to know that there was an art fair coming up in April and the deadline to submit and apply for a spot is this Friday. Not only did this motivate me on getting my portfolio ready, but FINALLY, FINALLY, able to start making prints, opening up an ETSY and applying for a business license. I feel that I am just one step closer on meeting my goal. 

Be Excited

As I am re-designing my website, I wanted to update it with my current/previous clients and work. I stumbled across this gem that I did last year. So excited to see the work that I did be on other websites with a heap of traffic. See the full infographic that I designed here.

Be the Twist & Turn of Your Future

I used to write all the time about nothing to everything you could ever imagine. From love, sex, and drugs to hopes and broken dreams. 

But now it just seems like everything is this in this cell locked up. I’m having a major writers block and I’m not even much of a writer. I wish I could go back to the day when I first started AAU where I could pour my heart out with words and phrases, poetries and such. But that’s not gonna happen is it? 

Time. It’s not something that we can ever get back when it’s wasted, nor is it something that we can control. We cannot just simply stop time, make it go backwards so we don’t regret the things we had done, nor can we make time go forward to cover a consequence. When we look back on time, we notice the little bits and pieces that we never really quite understand. Everything can be out of focus and seemingly directed towards one direction, but in truth, we will never know what’s coming to us.

Every little piece of me shatters with a twist and a turn, every little piece of my life comes undone and becomes reality in {the end}.

**Kaleidoscope; it’s the theme of my life. The theme of my college portfolio. Where as you twist and turn the object you see something different, whether it’s shapes, colors or pattern. This concept completely resembles who I am as I complete myself in different mediums whether it’s art or life. I never really thought about my life in design and in reality until after coming up with this concept.

A kaleidoscope is a tube containing many beautiful pieces that allows anyone to look into it and feel in awe. The pieces are broken yet come together as a whole to create a beautiful item. The broken pieces are like the process pieces of each assignment, in which I have come to create the final product. Not only do the broken pieces resemble the process, but they are also the start of an unfinished business, the start of a hopeless adventure, and the pieces to a bigger puzzle.
Ever since I attended my first art class in high school,
I have enjoyed every medium being used, every process taken to where I am today. I sit, I contemplate, I ponder,
I think, I enjoy, I question, I draw, I write, I sketch, I color,
I look, and most importantly, I enjoy every task given
and how each process comes together. The process from the beginning to the end has finally resulted in where I stand and who I have become today.

Be Educated

Almost 3 years ago, I designed this logo for a friend. It is never about how good or amazing your design is, because as long as your client likes the end results- you have succeeded. It doesn’t matter how much you educate them on what is good design either.
Remember, this is what they wanted (including color- what color?)

Be Better

As a graphic designer, I strive to survive each day. To be better, to do the impossible; to be perfect in my designs. Not just my life style but also how life slowly line up just like the grids in my work, or the selection of colors I chose. 

Now I graduated and have my bachelors. What's next? What's my next step? What am I going to do now? 

I discovered myself late but I just want to do what I am passionate about.

I want to travel, and discover myself, love others, love art. I have always over committed myself on settling. On finding somebody to love and be loved. I have always give and give and never once have I been selfish for myself.