About: Place is a web and mobile platform that allows like-minded people to connect around shared interests. Our new platform allows anyone (clubs, businesses, non-profits, fraternities, professional networks) to gather their passion-based community for free. As an organizer you should be able to create a safe purpose-driven space where people can freely engage in great conversation. We believe owners should have the right to decide who gets in to their space, how it's moderated, and even be able to monetize it.Place is not a broadcast tool, and it's not about your friend's feeds; It's all about yourself.

Probably one of my favorite contract jobs of all times. I was hired to create a couple of shirt designs for the company. The illustrations I've created for the company were then used for on-site banners. 

Project: Place.xyz Promotional T-shirt
Work includes: Design different T-shirt variations. All icons were drawn by me.

Variation 1:

Variation 2:

Variation 3: